Game-Changing Product

From 2015, We have already sold more than 100 roasters in Taiwan.
We hold the biggest market share in commercial-used automatic coffee roaster market in Taiwan.

Rubasse Infrared Digital Coffee Roaster

Full Automation Roasting Process - with just ONE BUTTON!!

Exclusive Intelligent Real-time Algorithm Technology

Record and Replicate everything : ROR, Heating, FanSpeed, Drum Rotations

Heating Adjustments

The machine automatically compensates the heating energy accordingly to the Profile record.

Digitalized Adjustments for Precise Control !

13’touchscreen control panel is standard on every rubasse roaster provides fingertip access to its functions

Short-wave Infrared Roasting

"Short-wave" Infrared radiate directly into the beans; Evenly heated inside and outside.

Roasting in Elegant Way

Say goobye to hot hot roast factory and gas explosion! With Rubasse, most energy efficient roaster, roasting in the air-condition room is not a dream but a real thing.

Fast Heating response in 3 seconds

3KG ROASTER can easily rise up to 30 degrees/min when it’s full capacity of 3kg Beans and when it’s only with 600g of beans in the Drum, ROR can be up to 50 degrees/min or more.


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